Today I woke up fairly early so that I could be ready by eight. I didn’t know where I was going, because it was a surprised. The thing is, I suck at being surprised. By that I mean, I find a way to figure out and ruin every surprise anyone tries to plan for me. (Read my proposal story if you want an example). But, miraculously, my baby sister (Rosie) managed to plan a surprise breakfast picnic for my twin sister (Lynne) and I. She’s probably the only person who could pull this off because no one would dare slip up and risk disappointing her. Also, she probably would have killed anyone who ruined the surprise. Anyway, when we were all ready for whatever she had in store, she revealed a picnic basket. Not just any picnic basket, though. She had the one I had bought recently to use at my wedding. I teased her about this but apparently my fiancé gave her permission. She then told us where she thought we should go and we headed out. One detail I want to add about this surprise is that we had all talked about going for a picnic about a thousand times but we never found the time to do it. So, it was a really sweet idea especially because she handled all the planning and made the food. We ended up going to the regional park by our house and sat near the lake under the shade of beautiful trees. She made butter horn rolls because she figured they’re similar to croissants but she’s made them before so she knew they’d turn out good. Along with that, we had fruit and then Hershey kisses (the candy Lynne and I fight over all the time) for dessert. We played Skip-Bo which Lynne thought was dangerous due to the fact that everyone in our household gets mad at her when we play because she always wins. But, it turned out to be a civil game, mostly because we all cheated and Rosie ended up winning. After that, we walked around the lake. The weather was perfect because the sun was behind the clouds. We stopped at a playground and swung on the swings. Rosie and Lynne climbed up the jungle gym. It was a perfect morning. Our (Lynne and I) 21st birthday is tomorrow but since Lynne and her wife are going to Big Bear, Rosie planned all of this a day early. And it was perfect. 

Along with bragging about my amazing little sister, the point of this blog post is to talk about being selfless. Rosie is in high school and she volunteers to do tech at a local theatre so she is a busy teenager. Despite that she decided to plan this whole morning around our busy schedules and bake rolls from scratch. Last night she also baked us a cake from scratch. She only got four hours of sleep. So, she is the basically the definition of selfless. And this isn’t the only time she’s shown this trait. Rosie is probably the most selfless person I know. In a world where pretty much everyone is looking out for themselves, she is always thinking of others. And, I think that’s something to aspire to. 
My advice this week: be Rosie. Think of small or big ways you can be selfless. Think of others whenever you can. I’m going to work on being less selfish and I hope you do too. The world would be a better place if we all acted like my baby sister.

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