I’m thankful for a lot this thanksgiving but if I had to choose just one thing, it would be being here in California. There’s a lot of people who helped me get here, but if it weren’t for my dad and my fiancé, I couldn’t have moved back home. Thanks to them, I’m here for … Continue reading Thanksgiving



I watched a scary movie with my dad and my boyfriend earlier tonight. It was realistic, which is what made it so good. The movie was exaggerated, of course. But the overall idea of the story was believable. In my opinion, the best scary movies are imaginable. If the characters are believable and relatable, you … Continue reading Fear


When I was living in Colorado I was always angry. Anytime a coworker or customer would do something mildly irritating I would get so mad. I couldn’t do anything but take a break, remove myself from the situation until I could calm down. Thankfully, I never let the anger get the best of me in … Continue reading Anger


My twin sister and I have often talked about how we might be psychic. It sounds silly but there have been so many instances when we’d get a ‘feeling’ and something would happen that just matched our ‘feeling’ perfectly. So when I feel strongly about something, I know I’m right. My boyfriend still doesn’t believe … Continue reading Brady