Today I woke up fairly early so that I could be ready by eight. I didn't know where I was going, because it was a surprised. The thing is, I suck at being surprised. By that I mean, I find a way to figure out and ruin every surprise anyone tries to plan for me. … Continue reading Selfless 



I’m an awkward person. There are a lot of pieces of me, but this is usually the first thing people notice. I am awkward. When I took my puppy to the dog park for the first time he laid down on his stomach and crawled around because he was so shy around the other dogs. … Continue reading Confidence


My twin sister and I have often talked about how we might be psychic. It sounds silly but there have been so many instances when we’d get a ‘feeling’ and something would happen that just matched our ‘feeling’ perfectly. So when I feel strongly about something, I know I’m right. My boyfriend still doesn’t believe … Continue reading Brady